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Abu bakr al baghdadi

Abu bakr al baghdadi 1

Span classnews_dtjun 16 2017spannbsp018332get todays live news on strongabu bakr albaghdadistrong current events photos infographics and strongalstrong jazeeras exclusive stories from eyewitnesses.

Abu bakr al baghdadi 2

Span classnews_dtfeb 12 2018spannbsp018332isis leader strongabu bakr albaghdadistrong was wounded in an airstrike in may last year and had to relinquish control of the terror group for.

Abu bakr al baghdadi 3

Strongabu bakr albaghdadistrong on strongforbesstrong the selfdeclared caliph of the islamic state leads a global terrorist network seeking to establish a radical islamic empire in.

Abu bakr al baghdadi 4

Strongabu bakr albaghdadistrong the leader of strongalstrongqaidas branch in iraq announces the merger of his islamic state of iraq with strongalstrongqaidas franchise in syria forming the islamic state in.

Abu bakr al baghdadi 5

Strongabu bakr albaghdadistrong addresses muslim worshippers at a mosque in the iraqi city of mosul in 2014 photograph afpgetty images day and night for the past three years an unprecedented number of.

Abu bakr al baghdadi 6

The son of strongabu bakr albaghdadistrong the fugitive caliph of the islamic state isil has been killed trying to attack a thermal power station in syria the jihadist group said.

Abu bakr al baghdadi 7

In this brookings essay william mccants tells the story of strongabu bakr albaghdadistrong the leader of the islamic state aka isis a group so brutal and hardline that even strongalstrongqaida deemed them too extreme strongbaghdadistrong an introverted religious scholar with a passion for soccer now controls large swaths of land in iraq and syria.

Abu bakr al baghdadi 8

His most immediate goal was the recruitment of fighters for his military operations in what was once the cradle of civilization each month strongalstrongstrongbaghdadistrongs war machine chews through 1000 fighters.

Abu bakr al baghdadi 9

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Abu bakr al baghdadi 10

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Abu bakr al baghdadi

Saidatina aisyah binti abu bakar

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